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Recovery Voltage

The battery needs to be charged to the recovery voltage to in order to unlock;

Low Voltage

In the low voltage range, it circulates once every 5 seconds and broadcasts "Low voltage, please charge". After 10 times, broadcasts once every 15 seconds;

Lock Voltage

In the lock voltage range,it will lock the car, broadcast "Battery exhausted, please charge immediately" once every 5 seconds. After 10 times, broadcasts once every 15 seconds;

Sleep Voltage

In the sleep voltage range, lock the car, no broadcast;

Temporary Power On Settings

In the range of Lock voltage, press the recovery button to release the lock state, and broadcast "Battery exhausted, please charge immediately". This temporary state will last for 10 minutes;


Press the setting button,corresponding voice will be broadcasted;


When the voltage rises from sleep voltage to lock voltage, voice will not be broadcasted;